Who Is Sean Behrens?

Who is “Mr. Sean” Behrens?


Since completing his first round of Suzuki training with Frank Longay in 2003, Sean Behrens has been at  the forefront of championing the Suzuki Method as applied to the classical guitar in Austin, Texas. Since establishing his presence, as a classical guitar teacher in Austin, Mr. Behrens has helped numerous young people learn to play the guitar.

Mr. Behrens is an accomplished musician of versatile means and a passionate and effective teacher. Perhaps his greatest gift as a guitar instructor comes from his innate ability to understand why people struggle and to meet them where they are.

Mr. Behrens holds a Bachelor of Music degree in classical guitar from Colorado State University (1996) where he studied with world renowned guitarist, Masakazu Ito and a Master of Music degree from the University of Denver-Lamont School of Music (2001) where he studied with Ricardo Iznaola. Mr. Behrens has performed in master classes with Ernesto Tomayo, Antigoni Goni, Jonathan Leathwood, Benjamin Verdery, Roland Dyens, Jason Vieux, David Tanenbaum  and the L.A. Guitar Quartet. He has completed 4 units of Suzuki training along with a teaching practicum course. He is a registered teacher with the Suzuki Association of the America’s. Mr. Behrens has done Suzuki teacher training with renowned teacher trainers, Frank Longay, Bill Kossler, Andrea Cannon and Dave Madsen. Mr. Behrens also founded the Austin Suzuki Guitar Institute and directed it for 5 years.

In addition to his activities as a teacher, Mr. Behrens is a talented composer, arranger, band leader, singer and producer. Mr. Behrens currently plays classical guitar in the Chanterelle Duo, a guitar and violin duo with violinist, Phil Davidson. He also plays in a Central Texas based Rush Tribute project called Spindrift in which he plays guitar and sings.