Guitar Lessons

One of my students when he was 4

I teach classical guitar, electric guitar and electric bass to all ages and levels of student. It is important to me that the student get a strong technical and musical foundation. This is best achieved I believe through appropriate repertoire.

I get my greatest satisfaction out of teaching young children through the Suzuki Method or as it’s called in Japan, The Mother-Tongue approach to music learning. You can learn more about that here by clicking on this link:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where are lessons held? Answer: Lessons are held in my home studio. A precise address will be given once an appointment is made to either observe a child’s lesson for Suzuki Method or to have an initial lesson. For now all you need to know is that I am in Northwest Hills right off of Farwest and Mopac.
  2. What do you charge? Answer: I answer this question with the question, are you looking for a good teacher or a cheap teacher? I charge a rate that is well in line with my level of playing, experience and education. This will be fully disclosed once we have had our initial meeting. Lessons are once a week. Children in the Suzuki Method are billed quarterly based on a 10 week session. Adults are billed monthly.
  3. Do you teach beginners? Answer: I love beginners. Come to me with an empty cup so that I may fill it.
  4. How do I choose an instrument? Answer: If you don’t already have a guitar or bass then please do us both a favor and DON’T buy anything until you see me first. I can save you money and heartache. An instrument that fits your body type and is easy to play and stays in tune will go a long way toward helping with motivation.
  5. How long do I need to take lessons before I can play x, y, z? Answer: This depends entirely on you and your willingness to learn and invest time in the material. The only guarantee I will make is that I will meet every student where they are at and do my level best help you practice effectively.