Parent Testimonials

Here are some quotes from parents of Behrens Guitar Studio students, past and present.

“Our son has benefited from Behrens’s Guitar Studio in ways we never imagined.  The Suzuki method goes far beyond just learning to master an insturment. But what beautiful things our son is playing under the tutelage of Sean Behrens.

We started with Mr. Behrens when Fletcher was five years old.  Having learned about Dr. Suzuki and reading his biography, the method made complete sense.  Ability and talent are trained in a young child just like children are trained to speak their native language.  In a nurturing, structured enviroment, where the parent sets up an environment for learning and truly leads the child, amazing things happen.

Following Mr. Behrens’s leading and instruction, we have been Suzuki parents for almost three and a half years.  Fletcher has been able to do amazing and beautiful things with the guitar.  We have admired Sean from the beginning for his commitment to sticking with the method and not adapting or adding other methodology too it.  While sticking to the method and maintaining high standards, lessons with Mr. Behrens are never intimidating or stressful.  Fletcher is not just a better musician but a better listener, performer and more confident person in general.”

From Kimberely, mother of Fletcher

“We have been very pleased with Sean’s guitar class over the past 2 years. Our Son’s skills advanced quickly and continue to grow each week. Sean seems to genuinly care about each student and takes the time to teach them in a professional and caring environment. He is patient and encouraging and makes learning the guitar a fun and rewarding experience

From Suzanne, mother of Nick

“Sean Behrens is a fine musician and music teacher. Our second grader, who has just studied a year has prospered beyond our expectations under his tutelage. Mr. Behrens has fostered his excitement for music. My son always asks at home, “can I play my guitar now?” It has been quite fun for him and his personality is well matched to his teacher.

We have no concerns what so ever about technique. Mr. Behrens has very high standards and with his oversight, I am confident my boy will be able to take his guitar music any direction he chooses”

From Jenny, mother of Will

We have been with the Behrens Guitar Studio for several years now.  For us, it is a comprehensive program that includes not just the individual lesson but also a group lesson for ensemble experience.  This has provided my older student with an opportunity to be a leader in his group and apply some of the techniques he has learned under Sean to less experienced students.  It is wonderful to watch the students interact with each other, comment on each others performances in a positive way and provide supportive critiques – all part of the Suzuki method.  My student is also learning discipline and time management skills as well as he is learning how to balance school work, extracurricular activities and his guitar studies.  Sean has been a committed and encouraging instructor through all of this.

From Yvonne, mother of Kyle

We are very pleased to write this letter describing our experience with Sean Behrens and the Suzuki method for guitar.  We began lessons with Sean Behrens when our son Marcus was just at 4 years old.  We were fortunate at that time to have Sean’s calm teaching and his trust in the Suzuki method.  I was also fortunate enough to be taking weekly lessons and felt that I got a great foundation in the material.

In our first years with Marcus Sean really honored the Suzuki method in his patience, demeanor, humor, pacing and instilled in us a trust that there would be progress and that there was no need to rush where we were in Marcus’ learning.  I think that with any undertaking like this, as a parent, you go through periods of questioning whether or not you have made the right choice to encourage your child in certain endeavors.  We have certainly had times in the early years with Marcus where he was joyful in his practice and playing, but we also had moments where he asked us if he could quit and said that what he was learning was hard.  My gratitude goes to Sean for is constancy, expertise, commitment and sense of humor!  Today at 7 years old, we have a child who loves to play the guitar, and loves to perform and play for others, looks forward to his lessons and group class and enjoys learning the difficult things.  He told his brother the other day (when he did not know I was listening) “you know, I used to think that I wanted to quit guitar, I thought it was too hard, but now I really like it”.

Marcus’ brother is Alexander and just this year at 5 years old we began his lessons with Sean.  Our first thought when he began, was WOW!  He had really been observing his brother for those early years and he had picked up a tremendous amount from the cds and watching lessons/practice.  It is also so interesting to us is how different each child learns and behaves.  I deeply value Sean’s caring and support, his willingness to strategize with the best way to teach, his appreciation for all of the little successes that lead to big ones…and did I mention “sense of humor”.

My advice to anyone who is considering Suzuki Guitar for their child is to read all that you can find, observe as much as you are able and appreciate the expertise that Sean offers and his willingness to enter into the dialogue with you and your child.

It is a wonderful journey to be on with your child and we are so happy that this music is a part of our lives.

Wendy Dunnam Tita, mother of Marcus, 7 and Alexander, 5

“There is not any musical talent in our family to speak of.  We wanted our little girl to be exposed to music at an early age.  She was exposed to some music through her day-care facility but nothing beyond singing and clapping.  We were fortunate to attend one of Sean Behrens’ studio recitals.  Each of Sean’s students exhibit discipline and dedication toward their musical studies.  Our daughter began her guitar lessons at 3 ½ years old.  Her progress has been steady under Sean’s tutelage.  Not only has she developed a greater appreciation for music, but she has developed personally.     Our daughter is 6 years old now.  She is more confident and looks forward to playing the guitar every chance she gets.  She enjoys her group and individual lessons.  Sean’s methodology not only follows the traditional Suzuki teachings but he brings an entertaining dynamic to his classes as well. His patience and dedication to the children are admirable.”

Joel Arevalo, Father of Sophie

“Sean is patient with his students; he meets them where they are, and moves them forward at a pace that allows them to concentrate on mastery.  The focus of the Suzuki method is about more than teaching children to be good musicians…it focuses on equipping children with the tools to grow into fine people, who can enjoy expressing themselves through music for a lifetime.  Sean takes his role as a mentor to heart.  He relates well to our son in private lessons, and he is just as able to guide a group through practices and recitals.  Our son has gained so much from his lessons, and so have we.  Through giving performances, he has gained confidence.  From hearing her older brother’s repertoire, our daughter has gained a love for the same music, and now our home is filled with beautiful sounds.  Sean has taught our son skills that have enabled him to play for his own enjoyment.  Each Suzuki piece that he masters serves to help him take the music he hears all around him, and apply it to his own instrument.”

Brandi McKinney, mother of Ian