Childrens Guitars

Thank you for visiting the guitar page. This page will give you all the basics of what kind of guitar your child will need. The guitars that are display below are all ones that I sell.

This little girl is playing a Joven 45cm Guitar, by Benjamin Garcia. These are balanced well and sound great. I offer these from 45cm for a 4 yr old-55cm 7-8 yr old range.

This 5 yr old girl is big for her age. She is playing a 48cm guitar by Esteve. These guitars come from Spain. It has a larger body and box depth than the Joven. There are many factors to consider other than scale length. I offer these in 48cm, 52cm, 55cm and 58cm.

6yr old Sophie is playing a 43cm guitar made with white spruce, Indian Rosewood and Ebony. These are handmade in Chile by Eduardo Moreno Moore. Eduardo probably offers the most in terms of size variety and the only one I would put a 3 yr old on, because it is light weight and very easy to play. Sizes start at 38cm, 40cm, 43cm, 46cm, 50cm, 53cm, 58cm, 63cm.

Have Questions?

Please visit the contact page to find out more information about guitars. I will answer all the questions about guitars that you have.