Welcome to the Behrens Guitar Studio

The Behrens Guitar Studio was founded in 2003 by guitarist Sean Behrens.

The Behrens Guitar Studio offers guitar lessons to children and adults of all ages. Sean Behrens teaches classical guitar as well as popular styles on electric and acoustic guitar. Sean Behrens is a trained Suzuki teacher and is registered with The Suzuki Association of the Americas.


December 5th, 2016:

The Behrens Guitar Studio now serves the Northwest Hills neighborhood. I am conveniently located on Greystone Dr. near MoPac Expressway. Exact location given only by appointment.

I was going through some video footage and found this performance of a tune called Salamanca which I parted out from an arrangement by Len Williams. The kids are playing with a great deal of sensitivity.


Check out what is new for June 6, 2016:

Our Book 4 group class is doing extremely well. We have been steadily adding ensemble repertoire and becoming a more cohesive unit. Recently, Alexander, Benjamin and Satvik gave a performance at Recycled Reads which is owned and operated by the Austin Public Library. Check out this video of them performing “Planxty Drury” by Turlough O’Carolan:


Sean Behrens specializes in teaching the classical guitar to young children through the Suzuki Method or “Mother-Tongue” approach to music learning. The Behrens Guitar Studio offers a comprehensive Suzuki program in which children 3 1/2-12 yrs old participate in private and group lessons. Parent education is also offered in order to help parents get the most out of their children’s lessons.


Other offerings include private and group lessons for teens and adults on classical, electric or acoustic guitar.

Guitar Repair Services are also offered.


A young Suzuki guitar student from the Behrens Guitar Studio